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Publications RabAttack

F. J. Kraemer, C. Lunde, M. Koch, B. M. Kuhn, C. Ruehl, P. J. Brown, P. Hoffmann, V. Göhre, S. Hake, M. Pauly and V. Ramírez  (2021) A mixed-linkage (1,3;1,4)-b-D-glucan specifichydrolase mediates dark-triggered degradation of this plant cell wall polysaccharide. Plant Physiology,  kiab009
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K. van der Linde and V. Göhre (2021) How Do Smut Fungi Use Plant Signals to Spatiotemporally Orientate on and In Planta? J. Fungi 7: 102
doi      PubMed

L. Plücker, K. Bösch, L. Geißl, P. Hoffmann and V. Göhre (2021) Genetic manipulation of the Brassicaceae smut fungus Thecaphora thlaspeos. J. Fungi  7: 38
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doi      PubMed

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doi      PubMed

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doi      PubMed

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