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N. Ludwig, S. Reissmann, K. Schipper, C. Gonzalez, D. Assmann, T. Glatter, M. Moretti, L.-S. Ma, K.-H. Rexer, K. Snetselaar and R. Kahmann (2021) A cell surface-exposed protein complex with an essential virulence function in Ustilago maydis. Nat. Microbiol. 6: 722-730
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N. Wierckx, K. Miebach, N. Ihling, K. P. Hussnaetter, J. Büchs and K. Schipper (2021) Perspectives for the application of Ustilaginaceae as biotech cell factories. Essays Biochem 65: 365–379
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K. P. Hussnaetter, M. Philipp, M. Feldbrügge, K. Müntjes and K. Schipper (2021) Controlling Unconventional Secretion for Production of Heterologous Proteins in Ustilago maydis through Transcriptional Regulation and Chemical Inhibition of the Kinase Don3. J. Fungi 7: 179
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K. Müntjes, M. Philipp, L. Hüsemann, N. Heucken, S. Weidtkamp-Peters, K. Schipper, M. Zurbriggen, M. Feldbrügge (2020) Establishing polycistronic gene expression in the model microorganism Ustilago maydis. Front. Microbiol. 11: 1384
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M. Reindl*, J. Stock*, K. P. Hußnätter, A. Genc, A. Brachmann, and K. Schipper (2020) A novel factor essential for unconventional secretion of chitinase Cts1. Front. Microbio. 11: 1529
*shard first authorship
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L. Wirtz, M. Eder, K. Schipper, S. Rohrer and H. Jung (2020) Transport and kinase activities of CbrA of Pseudomonas putida KT2440. Sci Rep. 10: 5400
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P. Stoffels*, M.J. Müller*, S. Stachurski, M. Terfrüchte, S. Schröder, N. Ihling, N. Wierckx, M. Feldbrügge , K. Schipper# and J. Büchs# (2020). Complementing the intrinsic repertoire of Ustilago maydis for degradation of the pectin backbone polygalacturonic acid. J. Biotechnol. 10: 148-163
* shared first authorship   # shared corresponding authorship
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J. Aschenbroich, K. Hußnätter, P. Stoffels, T. Langner, S. Zander, B. Sandrock, M. Bölker, M. Feldbrügge and K. Schipper (2019) The germinal centre kinase Don3 is crucial for unconventional secretion of chitinase Cts1 in Ustilago maydis. Biochim. Biophys. Acta Proteins and Proteom. 1867: 140154
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M. Reindl , S. Hänsch , S. Weidtkamp-Peters and K. Schipper (2019) A potential lock-type mechanism for unconventional secretion in fungi Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20: e460
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M. J. Müller, S. Stachurski, P. Stoffels, K. Schipper, M. Feldbrügge and J. Büchs (2018) Online evaluation of the metabolic activity of Ustilago maydis on (poly)galacturonic acid. J. Biol. Eng. 34: e1-17
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M. Terfrüchte*, S. Wewetzer*, P. Sarkari, D. Stollewerk, M. Franz-Wachtel, B. Macek, T. Schlepütz, M. Feldbrügge, J. Büchs, and K. Schipper (2018) Tackling destructive proteolysis of unconventionally secreted heterologous proteins in Ustilago maydis. J. Biotechnol. 284: 37-51
*Shared first authorship.
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B. Ökmen, B. Kemerich, D. Hilbig, R. Wemhöner, J. Aschenbroich, A. Perrar, P. Huesgen, K. Schipper and G. Doehlemann (2018) Dual function of a secreted fungalysin metalloprotease in Ustilago maydis. New Phytol. 220: 249–261
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M. Terfrüchte, M. Reindl, S. Jankowski, P. Sarkari, M. Feldbrügge and K. Schipper (2017) Applying unconventional secretion in Ustilago maydis for the export of functional nanobodies. IJMS 18: 937
doi      PubMed

A. Pompa, F. De Marchis, M. T. Pallotta, Y. Benitez Alfonso, A. Jones, K. Schipper, K. Moreau, V. Žárský, G. P.  Di Sansebastiano and M. Bellucci (2017) Unconventional transport routes of soluble and membrane proteins and their role in developmental biology. IJMS 18: 703
doi      PubMed

J. Stock , M. Terfrüchte, and K. Schipper (2016) A reporter system to study unconventional secretion of proteins avoiding N-glycosylation in Ustilago maydisMethods in Mol. Biol.  Unconventional protein secretion, eds Andrea Pompa and Francesca De Marchis, Springer Science &Buisness Media New York, 1459: 149-160
doi      PubMed

K. Bösch, L. Frantzeskakis, M. Vraneš, J. Kämper, K. Schipper, V. Göhre. (2016) Genetic manipulation of the plant pathogen Ustilago maydis to study fungal biology and plant microbe interactions. J. Vis. Exp. 125: 54522

doi      PubMed

E. Geiser , M. Reindl, L. Blank, M. Feldbrügge, N. Wierckx and K. Schipper (2016) Activating intrinsic CAZymes of the smut fungus Ustilago maydis for the degradation of plant cell wall components. Appl. Env. Mircobiol. 82: 5174-5185
doi      PubMed

P. Sarkari, M. Feldbrügge and K. Schip­per (2016) The corn smut fungus Ustilago maydis as an alternative expression system for biopharmaceuticals. In: Fungal Biology. Gene expression systems in fungi: advancements and applications. Eds. M. Schmoll and C. Dattenböck. Springer Book Series. 183-200

S. Tanaka, A. Djamei, L.L. Presti, K. Schipper, S. Winterberg, S. Amati, D. Becker, H. Büchner, J. Kumlehn, S. Reissmann and R. Kahmann (2015) Experimental approaches to investigate effector translocation into host cells in the Ustilago maydis/maize pathosystem. Eur J Cell Biol. 94: 349-358. doi

P. Sarkari, M. Reindl, J. Stock, O. Müller, R. Kahmann, M. Feldbrügge and K. Schipper (2014) Improved expression of single-chain antibodies in Ustilago maydisJ. Biotech. 191: 165-175. doi

C. Buerth, F. Kovacic, J. Stock, M. Terfrüchte, S. Wilhelm, K.E. Jaeger, M. Feldbrügge, K. Schipper, J.F. Ernst and D. Tielker (2014) Uml2 is a novel CalB-type lipase of Ustilago maydis with phospholipase A activity. Appl. Microbiol. Biotech. 98: 4963-4973. doi

M. Terfrüchte, B. Jöhnk, R. Fajardo-Somera, G. Braus, M. Riquelme, K. Schipper and M. Feldbrügge (2014) Establishing a versatile Golden Gate cloning system for genetic engineering in fungi. Fungal Genet. Biol.  62:1-10. doi

M. Feldbrügge, R. Kellner and K. Schipper (2013) The biotechnological use and potential of plant pathogenic smut fungi  Appl. Micobiol. Biotech. 97(8): 3253-3265. doi

J. Stock, P. Sarkari, S. Kreibich, T. Brefort, M. Feldbrügge and K. Schipper (2012) Applying unconventional secretion of the endochitinase Cts1 to export heterologous proteins in Ustilago maydis. J. Biotech. 161: 80-91

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A. Djamei*, K. Schipper*, F. Rabe, A. Ghosh, V. Vincon, J. Kahnt, S. Osorio, T. Tohge, A.R. Fernie, I. Feussner, K. Feussner, P. Meinicke, Y.D. Stierhof, H. Schwarz, B. Macek, M. Mann and R. Kahmann (2011) Metabolic priming by a secreted fungal effector. Nature, 478: 395-398
*The authors contributed equally to this publication.

K. Schipper and G. Doehlemann (2011) Compatibility in biotrophic plant-fungal interactions: Ustilago maydis and friends. In: Signaling and Communication on Plant Symbiosis. Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany (Perotto S and Baluska F, eds.) 213-238

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Y. Khrunyk, K. Münch, K. Schipper, A.N. Lupas and R. Kahmann (2010). The use of FLP-mediated recombination for the functional analysis of an effector gene family in the biotrophic smut fungus Ustilago maydis. New Phytol. 187(4):957-968

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