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Welcome to the Institute of Microbiology

Welcome to the Institute of Microbiology

Farewell Vera! After more than 10 years as a group leader at the Institute of Microbiology, Vera is now starting as a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

We will miss you and wish you a good start and lots of fun and success with your new challenge in Darmstadt!


Devan and Shanmugasundaram reveal how short linear motifs facilitate protein-protein interactions during endosomal mRNA transport! Read more here

Congrats to Dali, Schultz et al. for providing new insights into the role of Jps1 during unconventional secretion.

Check the preprint on bioRxiv!

The RNA world of fungal pathogens. A comprehensive overview on RNA biology of fungal pathogens by Sri, Woogie et al. now published in PLoS Pathogens! Congrats!

Read more here...

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